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Accessibility at CAMPUS 02 UAS


CAMPUS 02 responds to the individual needs of students, staff and guests with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

We endeavour to find individual solutions in order to offer people with disabilities equal rights and support in all areas.


The buildings of CAMPUS 02 UAS - with the exception of the old building in Zusertal, which is a listed building - are accessible for disabled people. The site has several disabled parking spaces, the buildings are barrier-free and equipped with lifts.

For us, however, the issue of accessibility is not just limited to the spatial infrastructure, but to all areas of CAMPUS 02 UAS:

  • Accessibility in the application process
  • Accessibility in the study programme
  • Barrierefreiheit bei der Infrastruktur
  • Accessibility in teaching
  • Accessibility in HRM

If the available options do not cover all problem situations, all CAMPUS 02 UAS staff will endeavour to work out individual solutions together.
Please contact us in this regard!

Accessibility in the application process

CAMPUS 02 UAS endeavours to accommodate applicants with a disability or chronic illness in the admissions process in the best possible way.

Our Gender & Diversity Management Coordinator can offer you advice on possible special arrangements for the admission procedure (e.g. by adapting the framework conditions) if you are unable to participate in the regular procedure or would be disadvantaged due to your impairment.

Please contact the Gender & Diversity Management Coordinator in advance by phone or e-mail.

Accessibility in the study programme

Many obstacles can be overcome by informing everyone involved in good time, good preparation, suitable aids and a few special regulations. Inform your head of degree programme about your disability or chronic illness, especially if your impairment is not obvious. This is the only way you can get the support you need! Your details will be treated confidentially.

If you find it difficult to talk to the head of the degree programme about your impairment, you can also contact our Gender & Diversity Management Coordinator and find out about the support options available in your particular case. Anonymous telephone counselling is also possible!

A disability, chronic illness or other impairment can make studying more complicated, as many things require more effort and commitment. However, it is important to us that this does not represent a barrier to successfully completing a degree programme!



Your feedback is very important to us. To enable you to study without barriers, we are particularly dependent on your feedback!

Your experience gives us the opportunity to continuously improve and eliminate any disadvantages for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses and to anchor solutions in the management mechanisms of our university of applied sciences in the long term. Please get in touch with us. Write us an e-mail or give us a call!

Further information

Accessibility in infrastructure

The buildings and lecture theatres at CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences (CAMPUS Zusertal, CAMPUS Rosenhof, WIFI wing) are accessible without steps and barrier-free.

However, there are individual areas in the old building (villa) that are not.

This is because the old building is a listed building and significant alterations, such as the installation of a new external lift, are not permitted.

Specifically, this concerns 4 lecture halls (CZ 128, CZ 129, CZ 138, CZ 233) at the UAS as well as parts of the offices of the central administration and offices of the Financial Accounting & Management Accounting department.


In these cases, however, we will coordinate with you in order to be able to offer you adequate solutions.

For example, no courses are scheduled in the lecture halls mentioned,

if you cannot reach them, or we can move meetings to the barrier-free area of the UAS.


Please contact your respective study program office or the Infopoint directly.


Accessibility For international students

CAMPUS 02 UAS strives to offer students with disabilities, chronic illnesses or other impairments a study environment that meets their individual needs.

Although there are currently no separate legal provisions for Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences, CAMPUS 02 UAS responds individually to students with special needs..

International students with special needs should contact the  International Office  or the International Coordinator of the specific department.

Das Department for Accessibility is committed to the empowerment of students who are hindered in their self-determination by the universities.

Fünf Studierende liegen in der Wiese

Accessibility in teaching

CAMPUS 02 UAS strives to offer students with disabilities, chronic illnesses or other impairments a study environment that meets their individual needs.

Students with disabilities or chronic illnesses often have special needs during their studies.

This results in special requirements for our lecturers.

We have therefore put together a guide to provide you with practical assistance in supporting affected students.


We also attach great importance to equal treatment, fairness, tolerance and respectful and honest dealings with one another in the area of human resource management.

For further information, please refer to the section  Jobs

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