Center for University Didactics

Lecturers with high professional and didactic competence are a prerequisite and the foundation for high-quality teaching for us. Therefore, it is important to us to support the lecturers of FH CAMPUS 02 in the best possible way to meet the high-quality standards of our university of applied sciences.

The Centre for Higher Education Didactics (ZHD) was established on 01.01.2019 to consolidate and coordinate activities related to higher education didactics across the university of applied sciences. In addition, we have made it our mission to initiate and implement measures for the development and optimisation of teaching. Particular emphasis is placed on enabling and promoting innovative teaching and learning scenarios, as well as the use of new media in teaching.

The core areas of the ZHD encompass the following activities:

  • Offering tailored didactic training and further education programmes for full-time and part-time lecturers, which are coordinated and organised by the ZHD itself;
  • Collaboration on and announcement of cross-university further education programmes or formats from other educational institutions;
  • Coaching, consulting, and workshop offerings for lecturers at FH CAMPUS 02 on various, current, and needs-oriented topics;
  • Collection and creation of theory-based and practice-oriented materials on didactic core topics;
  • Helpdesk and support for lecturers in IT-related questions;
  • Awarding the FH CAMPUS 02 Teaching Prize biennially on various topics to recognise innovative and high-quality teaching concepts.

You can access the Centre for Higher Education Didactics platform here.

We see ourselves as the first point of contact for questions related to teaching and learning, and we strive to constantly improve and expand our services to support the lecturers at FH CAMPUS 02 in their didactic concerns. To extend our services, we engage in active dialogue with other higher education institutions and maintain close contact with other educational organisations through various networks and projects.

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The Centre for Higher Education Didactics is also responsible for foreign language coordination; the contact person is Vida Bicman.

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