Automation Technology

The combination of electronics, computer science, mechanical engineering and business enables automated solutions. Automation engineers always keep an eye on the entire process and optimise sustainably and with foresight. The challenge lies in optimising time, costs, quality, resources and the environment. Individual and modular solutions are becoming increasingly important and we train practically experienced automation engineers in both the bachelor's and master's degree programme.

Passion for engineering and technology

This is Automation Technology

Increasing productivity and quality is essential for all companies. The introduction and improvement of automated systems and processes subsequently lead to economic growth. The constantly growing demands on automation technology require experts who link the fields of electronics, computer science and mechanical engineering. The best conditions for this are provided in our bachelor's degree programme „Automation Technology” and „Smart Automation” as well as the master's degree programme „Automation Technology-Business”. Lecturers from renowned and successful companies accompany you on the journey where science meets business.

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Our study programmes

Bachelor's degree programme

Automation Technology

In this bachelor's degree programme, we provide the ideal combination of electronics, computer sciences and mechanical engineering, complemented by soft skills and economic expertise.

6 semester


Degree: BSc

Bachelor's degree programme

Smart Automation

In this work-friendly bachelor's degree programme you will be provided with the foundation for you to specialise in the areas of product, production or process automation. Theory meets practice and it opens up job opportunities in highly specialised career areas.

6 semester


Degree: BSc

Master's degree programme

Automation Technology-Business

The high demand for automation engineers has brought forth excellent career opportunities in this field. In this master's degree programme, future executives are trained to take on development and/or management roles for companies both nationally and internationally.

3 semester


Degree: Dipl.-Ing.

Exciting insights full of diversity and excellence

The final theses of our graduates

Discover the impressive diversity and outstanding achievements of our graduates! Every year, all master’s and bachelor’s theses are collected in a brochure and presented during the annual Innovation of Automation event in March. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of research and innovation, driven by our talented students.

Automation Technology

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Our mission

Staying at the forefront is our main mission at the Department Automation Technology. Companies benefit from continous innovations from our research department, particularly in this intersecting realm of technology, science and business, and as a university of applied sciences, it is our special concern to reflect these in our teaching contents. Numerous practical projects as well as direct contact with industry experts ensure hands-on training grounded in solid theoretical foundations.

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The team of the Department Automation Technology

Porträtfoto von Udo Traussnigg

FH-Prof. DI Dr. techn. Udo Traussnigg

Head of Department
+43 316 6002-728 CR 239
Porträtfoto von Dieter Lutzmayr

FH-Prof. DI Dieter Lutzmayr

Deputy Head of Department
+43 316 6002-742 CR 233

Success stories

Voice on the study programme

Testimonial Kerstin Ramian
The versatility of automation technology coupled with the outstanding expertise of instructors from industry and business makes this program particularly valuable. Students are not only provided with theoretical knowledge but are also excellently prepared for practical challenges. Additionally, the extra-occupational study programme offers the opportunity to build and expand a broad network in various industries.
Dipl.-Ing. Kerstin Ramian, BSc
Bachelor's graduate 2020, master's graduate 2022; Service Manager, DÜRR Austria GmbH
Testimonial Nicole Schwaighofer
The programme offers the opportunity to collaborate with experienced instructors from industry and business, as well as to meet fellow students from other companies and professional sectors. Particularly, the exchange of experiences among students is an additional advantage that this extra-occupational study programme brings.

Dipl.-Ing. Nicole Schweighofer, BSc

Bachelor's graduate 2013, master's graduate 2015, Order manager; ELIN Motoren GmbH
Testimonial Christian Herzog
Leadership for corporate direction and management skills for executing tasks are leadership qualities that the degree programme in Automation Technology has imparted to me.
DI (FH) DI Christian Herzog
Graduate of diploma studies Automation Technology 2000, master's graduate 2011; Managing Director, Autforce Automations GmbH
Testimonial Christoph Moritz

A solid theoretical and scientific education, combined with the constant practical relevance of the lecturers to current topics and trends, creates a very exciting and enlightening combination. This leads to a highly interesting and comprehensive course of study, equipping individuals for future challenges in the business world.

Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Moritz, BSc
Bachelor's graduate 2019, master's graduate 2021; Development Project Manager/Simulation, Komptech GmbH
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News of the Department Automation Technology

Gruppenfoto aller Beteiligten

Nachhaltige Qualifizierung und Stärkung der Green Economy - Erfolgsrezepte für KMUs

In einer Welt, die sich zunehmend den Herausforderungen des Klimawandels und der Ressourcenknappheit gegenübersieht, wird die Bedeutung einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung immer offensichtlicher. Insbesondere kleine und mittlere Unternehmen (KMUs) spielen eine entscheidende Rolle in diesem Wandel. Ihre Agilität und Innovationskraft können wesentlich dazu beitragen, die erforderlichen technischen und innovativen Transformationen zu meistern. Doch wie können wir sicherstellen, dass diese Unternehmen die…

FH CAMPUS 02 | 29.04.2024

Neue Horizonte: Steirische Wirtschaftsreise nach Indien

Land der Start-ups, Land der Digitalisierung, Land der Chancen – ein Markt voller Potenzial, aber auch voller Herausforderungen. Für die Steiermark ist Indien bisher noch ein vergleichsweise kleiner Handelspartner. Doch das soll sich ändern. Vom 9. bis zum 16. März 2024 machte sich eine über 40-köpfige Delegation aus der Steiermark auf den Weg nach Indien. Unter der Schirmherrschaft des Landes…

FH CAMPUS 02 | 02.04.2024

Herausragendes Ergebnis der FH CAMPUS 02 beim internationalen Audit der FIBAA

Die FH CAMPUS 02 absolvierte das verpflichtende Audit zur Zertifizierung des Qualitätsmanagements an der Hochschule. Das international besetzte 7-köpfige Gutachterteam prüfte neben den Voraussetzungen für ein positives Ergebnis im „Institutional Audit“ den Antrag zur Verleihung des Qualitätssiegels „Excellence in Digital Education“. In beiden Verfahren konnte die FH C02 nicht nur die notwendigen Voraussetzungen zum weiteren Betrieb unter Beweis stellen, sondern…

FH CAMPUS 02 | 13.03.2024
Absolventin Knittelfelder

Vom Studium zur Erfolgsstory: Absolventin Katharina Knittelfelder im Gespräch über Karriere, Netzwerkaufbau und die Verbindung zur FH

Katharina Knittelfelder hat nicht nur das Bachelorstudium Automatisierungstechnik an der FH CAMPUS 02 erfolgreich absolviert, sondern sie hat auch wertvolle Erfahrungen als Studien- und Projektassistentin im Elektroniklabor des Departments Automatisierungstechnik gesammelt. Darüber hinaus zeichnet sie sich als Gründerin des Absolventenvereins AT Tech Club aus, der eine ausgezeichnete Plattform bietet, um den Kontakt zu Absolvent*innen der Automatisierungstechnik zu pflegen. Seit 2019…

FH CAMPUS 02 | 21.02.2024