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In a globalised world, the international orientation of a higher education institution is of enormous importance for the university itself, but also for its employees. CAMPUS 02 UAS promotes the international mobility of its employees and cooperates with universities in Europe on the one hand and with companies and organisations worldwide on the other.

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Incoming & Outgoing

Through staff mobility, networks are formed in the fields of teaching and R&D beyond national borders. The economic competitiveness of the educational institution and its staff increases through international experience. Language as well as intercultural competencies of the staff are enhanced. It strengthens the innovative potential and sharpens the perspective on strengths and weaknesses of one's own educational institution. International experience opens up new horizons and boosts the motivation of the staff.

Currently, CAMPUS 02 UAS is primarily focused on establishing a cooperation network in Europe. Therefore, at present, staff mobility within the framework of the EU program Erasmus+ is being promoted. It enables teaching staff to conduct teaching assignments at partner institutions and administrative staff to participate in training activities at partner universities or in companies. A requirement for Erasmus+ staff mobility is the existence of a bilateral agreement between the respective universities. Please inform yourself about the existing Erasmus+ partnerships of CAMPUS 02 UAS.

For the lecturers of the Department of Automation Engineering, there are also mobility opportunities within the existing CEEPUS networks. For more information on this, please contact the Study Programme Coordinator for International Affairs of the AT department.

General information

Conditions of participation
  • there is a bilateral agreement between CAMPUS 02 UAS and the university to be attended
  • The applicant is employed as lecturer or administrative staff at CAMPUS 02 UAS.
  • The teaching assignment lasts a minimum of 2 days with at least 8 teaching units and a maximum of 2 months. The training assignment for administrative staff lasts at least 2 days (excluding travel time) and up to a maximum of 2 months.
  • The mobility must not be to a country in which the centre of life of the mobile person is located.
  • The teaching assignment must be integrated into the curriculum of the partner institution; priority should be given to the development of new teaching materials, strengthening relationships between departments, and preparing for future collaborative projects. The training assignment can involve activities such as short periods of work, job-shadowing, study visits, workshops, language courses, etc.

Mobility grants serve exclusively as a contribution to covering mobility costs:

  • Travel costs
  • Accomodation costs
  • max. grant of EUR 1.000,- per person and mobility

Staff mobility is treated similarly to a business trip abroad. Upon timely submission of the business trip request, an additional travel insurance will be automatically arranged by the Executive Office's secretariat.

In principle, multiple stays per contractual year are possible. These stays can also occur consecutively, provided that the minimum requirements are met. However, in order to enable as many people as possible to undertake a teaching assignment, priority is given to staff members who are completing an Erasmus+ assignment for the first time in the current contractual year.

It is also possible for people from companies who are invited to teach at a higher education institution to receive Erasmus+ funding.

Procedure & Forms


Staff members research suitable universities/companies online, collaborating with the coordinators for international affairs in the study programmes and/or the person responsible from the central International Services Office.

Interested staff members inform the coordinators of the study programmes, who then relay the information to the central International Services Office, by September 30th, regarding their mobility preferences including destination institutions and countries, time, and duration.

Staff members and coordinators in the study programmes for international affairs will receive confirmation or rejection by the end of October. Upon acceptance, the staff member will receive all necessary forms.

Each department receives a fixed number of mobilities; if they are not all utilized, they can be allocated to other departments. First-time mobilities are given priority treatment.

Contact with the university/company in collaboration with coordinators and/or the central International Services Office. If there is no existing bilateral agreement, it must be concluded in advance. Timely bilateral content coordination using Form 1 (Teaching or Staff Mobility Agreement).

At the latest, 1 month before the trip, Forms 1+2 (Grant Agreement) must be fully completed and signed and handed over to the central International Services Office. They are happy to assist with filling them out if needed.

The staff member is requested to obtain a proof of teaching/training activity (Form 3) from the International Office, Erasmus+ coordinator, or local contact prior to returning to Austria.

It must be submitted to the International Office no later than 1 week after your return:

  • Proof of teaching activity/training (Form 3)
  • Online teacher report/training report in Erasmus+ database (link will be sent by the National Agency)
  • Original documents

Costs incurred will be reimbursed by CAMPUS 02 UAS after submission of the above-mentioned documents.

Just as the mobility of our employees is important to us, we also welcome mobile staff from abroad. Please contact the contact points (International Office, international coordinators in your degree programme) at your home institution first to find out whether there is an existing agreement with CAMPUS 02 UAS and whether this agreement covers your areas of interest.

Here you can find our current partnerships.

Afterwards, please send an email with a brief description of your planned project and three proposed appointment times to
The International Office of FH CAMPUS 02 will get in touch with the relevant individuals and departments and inform you about the next steps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the International Office.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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