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Master's program in Innovation Management

Strategic Innovation & Leadership

Generating ideas and transforming them into innovations that are ultimately successfully launched on the market is just the beginning. Companies can only keep pace with changing market conditions through continuous development. The decisive key to success is you. After your Bachelor's degree, the Master's program will provide you with first-class training to become a highly qualified manager - a role that is more in demand today than ever before.

Get started professionally

Career opportunities with innovation management

As a graduate of the Master's degree program, you will meet the requirements and have the skills needed to be successful in innovation management. You will be able to identify and evaluate consumer trends and new technologies and will be able to manage change and redesign entire organizations in an innovation-oriented way. This will enable you to stimulate and steer innovation processes with and within the management of companies. Your areas of activity are diverse: from business development to strategic planning, collaboration in R&D, key account management and product or process management. You can also gain a foothold in strategy and innovation consulting after completing your Master's degree and give free rein to your ideas and inventive spirit.

What you can expect during your studies

Content focus

In this part-time Master's degree course, you will learn everything you need for a position in senior management over three semesters. In addition to strategic corporate management and the development and implementation of innovation strategies within a company, you will also deal with business development, the identification of market trends and their entrepreneurial use as well as mastering the methods and tools for developing new business models. The core areas include innovation leadership, business model innovation, general management, technology management, scientific working and project management. Numerous projects with companies guarantee a practice-oriented education that is based on sound theory. Incidentally, technicians use the Master's degree as an ideal supplementary course and stepping stone to upper management.

Professional activity & internship

This Master's degree course is organized on a part-time basis. This allows you to work a full-time job on the side and further develop your practical skills. However, it is not absolutely necessary to have a relevant job in order to be able to study on this Master's course. If you have any questions, please refer to the admission requirements.




Ideal for professionals who want to develop their skills and for students without professional experience who are only entering the world of work during their Master's degree.

Study operation


Friday 13.45 to 21.30
Saturday 08.00 to 16.00

Start of studies: September


Master of Arts in Business, MA

Approved study places


Costs: 363,36
Per semester. Plus Austrian National Union of Students’ contribution (currently 24,70 €) for EU and EEA nationals

More detailed information for non-EU nationals and possible study grants can be found at


Main Focus


Innovation Leadership - Students learn strategic corporate management as well as the development of business models and innovation strategies and their implementation within a company. This gives them the best prerequisites for a management position in business.


inno-berufschancen Every company needs innovations in order to survive on the market. Regardless of the industry, innovation managers will be more sought-after than ever in the future.


Application process

  • 01Online Application
  • 02Submission of further application documents
  • 03Admission interview with the Commission

Application deadline: Click here for the deadlines.


The admission requirement for the Master's degree program in Innovation Management is a completed Bachelor's degree program in a relevant subject or an equivalent degree program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution.

The two-tier system of academic education also gives graduates from other fields of study and other universities in Austria and abroad the opportunity to enter the Master's degree program at CAMPUS 02.

Here you can find more Information zur Zulassung.

Semester overview

Course schedule

1st semester
2nd semester
3rd semester
7,5 ECTS Credits
Change Management
10,5 ECTS Credits
Strategic innovation management
3 ECTS Credits
Technology management basics
3 ECTS Credits
Transfer 1
6 ECTS Credits
Corporate management
5 ECTS Credits
Business Development
4 ECTS Credits
Research and development
4,5 ECTS Credits
Leadership Development
6 ECTS Credits
4,5 ECTS Credits
Technology management specialization
6 ECTS Credits
Transfer 1
3 ECTS Credits
Final examination
23,5 ECTS Credits
Master thesis
3,5 ECTS Credits
Transfer 2
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
90 ECTS Credits
Compass to success

Your way to study

Online application

Your path to studying begins with registration in our campus management system and the subsequent online application. If you have already studied at our UAS, registration is no longer necessary and you can apply directly in C02online.

Application documents

In addition to the online application, we ask you to complete the required application documents online as soon as possible. After reviewing the submitted documents, you will be contacted by us regarding the next steps.

Admission interview

The admissions interview with the committee is the final step on your path to studying and gives you the chance to impress in person or virtually.
Master Innovation Management

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