Research & Development

Main Focus

Our University of Applied Sciences is dedicated to research and development in several key areas that are critical to the future of business and technology. We invite you to learn more about our research specialisms and how they contribute to solving real-world problems.

Automation Technology

Automation technology is at the heart of modern industry. Our research work focusses on the following areas:

  • Industrial measurement technology & measuring station automation
  • Virtual methods and simulation in the development of mechatronic systems
  • Product, process and system development
  • Process optimisation using wireless communication technologies
  • Optimisation of electrical energy efficiency and self-sufficiency
  • Development of prototypes and demonstrators

Innovation Management

Innovation is the engine of progress. In the field of innovation management, we conduct research in the following areas:

  • Innovation-orientated corporate development
  • Innovation & digitalisation
  • Innovation & sustainability
  • Development of innovation methods and tools for SMEs
  • Designing future scenarios and innovation strategies
  • INNOLAB - Innovation monitoring, innovation support
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IT & Business Informatics

There is immense potential at the interface between information technology and business. Our research in business informatics focuses on smart data service engineering and the development of new IT-supported and data-based services:

  • Service Engineering in datadriven ecosystems
  • Smart Data Service Engineering
  • Data Science & Process Mining

Financial Accounting

Accounting and controlling form the basis for well-founded financial decisions in companies. Our research work focusses on the following topics:

  • Digitisation of accounting & controlling in SME practice
  • Sustainable corporate governance & social responsibility
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Marketing & Sales

Successful marketing and sales are essential for a company's market success. Our research in this area focuses on the digital economy:

  • Branding & Strategic Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Strategic Management
Research & Development

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