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Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics

The future of business requires versatile experts who can build bridges between IT and the corporate world. Welcome to the world of business informatics, where you will already learn the Key skills erwerben, to be successful in a changing world of work. You are not restricted to a specific field and can apply your acquired skills in a variety of industries, including IT services, consulting, finance, logistics, telecommunications and many more. Your professional future is therefore as versatile as your degree!

The foundation for a good start

Career opportunities with business informatics

The Bachelor's degree course in Business Informatics will make you an indispensable part of the working world. Already in the Bachelor's program you will acquire the essential know-how that both computer scientists and business economists needto manage complex company-internal interfaces and develop effective solutions. Our focus is on the practical use of information technologies to support business management processes. After graduation, you will therefore be well equipped with a broad range of knowledge in areas such as network technologies, databases, project management, software engineering, digital business and more. As a business IT specialist, you will be a valuable member of your team, developing innovative solutions for companies and thus enjoying excellent career prospects.

What you can expect during your studies

Content focus

In your extra occupational Bachelor's degree program focuses on the efficient use of information technologies to support business processes. You will develop a In-depth understanding of the scientific foundations of business informatics. In addition, you will acquire solid knowledge in the areas of Network technologies and databasesincluding their business, organizational and production applications, and Software Engineering and Internet Technologies for innovative solutions. You will learn how to implement information systems within and across companies and how to Digital Business including the associated processes. Project and process management is also part of your curriculum. A solid basic knowledge of business administration and knowledge in the field of Marketing & Sales round off the training

Professional activity & internship

This Bachelor's degree program is extra occupational and is therefore perfect for working people and newcomers. Thanks to the part-time organizational form, you can complete your studies alongside your job. However, you do not need to be working before starting your studies.



Extra occupational

Ideal for professionals who want to develop their skills and for high school graduates without professional experience who only enter the world of work during their studies.

Running of degree programmes

Extra-occupational: 17 weeks/semester.

Generally Friday, 1.45 to 9.30 p.m.
Saturday, 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
and an intensive week at the beginning of each semester, which reduces the number of weekends attended during the semester.

Start: mid-September



Bachelor of Science in Engineering, BSc


If you are looking for internationally recognized certifications in addition to a Bachelor's degree, you have come to the right place.

Approved study places


Costs: 363,36
Per semester. Plus Austrian National Union of Students’ contribution (currently 24,70 €) for EU and EEA nationals

More detailed information for non-EU nationals and possible study grants can be found at

Place of study

Main Focus


The Bachelor's degree program focuses on the effective and efficient support of business management processes through individual solutions from business informatics.



At the beginning of your studies, your personal and professional network gets a real boost. Most students work in interesting companies - this results in good contacts and a valuable asset for your career.



  • 01Online application
  • 02Submission of further application documents according to requirements
  • 03Admission interview with the Commission

Application deadline: Click here for the deadlines.


> to be eligible to study at a higher education institution
(subject relevant) university entrance qualification examination
> or a relevant professional qualification (apprenticeship etc.) with additional examination

Semester overview

Course schedule

1st semester
2nd semester
3rd semester
4th semester
5th semester
6th semester
5 ECTS Credits
Internship 1
6 ECTS Credits
Computer science basics
6 ECTS Credits
Basics of software development
5 ECTS Credits
Basics of business informatics
2 ECTS Credits
Basics of communication and self-organization
6 ECTS Credits
Mathematics and statistics
6 ECTS Credits
Internship 2
6 ECTS Credits
Advanced topics in software development
5 ECTS Credits
Fundamentals of business administration
6 ECTS Credits
Mathematics and algorithms
5 ECTS Credits
Networks and databases
2 ECTS Credits
Team building and presentation techniques
4 ECTS Credits
Academic working methods and English
5 ECTS Credits
Internship 3
3 ECTS Credits
Advanced topics in business administration
3 ECTS Credits
Advanced topics in network technology
5 ECTS Credits
Advanced topics in business informatics
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
Special topics in software development
5 ECTS Credits
Berufspraktikum 4
5 ECTS Credits
Erweiterte Themen der Informatik
6 ECTS Credits
Konflikte, wissenschaftliches Arbeiten und Englisch
6 ECTS Credits
Projekt in der Softwareentwicklung
8 ECTS Credits
Spezielle Themen der Wirtschaftsinformatik
2 ECTS Credits
Advanced Business English
9 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
Berufspraktikum 5
5 ECTS Credits
4 ECTS Credits
Spezielle Themen der Betriebswirtschaftslehre
5 ECTS Credits
Spezielle Themen der Informatik
1 ECTS Credits
Final exam
5 ECTS Credits
Berufspraktikum 6
2 ECTS Credits
Professional Meetings in English
6 ECTS Credits
Projekt in der Wirtschaftsinformatik
5 ECTS Credits
Recht und Marketing
5 ECTS Credits
Wahlpflichtmodul 1
5 ECTS Credits
Wahlpflichtmodul 2
6 ECTS Credits
Wir unternehmen
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
180 ECTS Credits
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Your path to studying


Ihr Weg ins Studium beginnt mit der Registrierung in unserem Campus-Management-System und der anschließenden Online-Bewerbung. Haben Sie bereits an unserer FH studiert, ist keine Registrierung mehr notwendig und Sie können sich direkt in C02online bewerben.


Zusätzlich zur Online-Bewerbung bitten wir Sie die erforderlichen Bewerbungsunterlagen so rasch als möglich online zu ergänzen. Nach der Sichtung der eingereichten Unterlagen werden Sie von uns betreffend der weiteren Vorgehensweise kontaktiert.


Das Aufnahmegespräch mit der Kommission ist der letzte Schritt auf Ihrem Weg ins Studium und gibt Ihnen die Chance auch im persönlichen oder virtuellen Kennenlernen zu überzeugen.
Bachelor Wirtschafts­informatik

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