The UAS Board is the highest academic body of the UAS and is chaired by the Rector. It is responsible for the implementation and organisation of teaching and examinations.


In accordance with § 10 (2) FHG, the CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences Board consists of the Director and his/her deputy, representatives of the programme directors, representatives of full-time and part-time lecturers as well as student representatives. It holds at least 4 ordinary meetings per academic year.

The members of the College according to the constituent meeting with the election of the Head and Deputy Head on 25 June 2020 are:

Head of College

  • FH-Rektorin Mag. Kristina Edlinger-Ploder

Deputy Head

  • FH-Vizerektor FH-Prof. Mag. Mag. Günter Zullus, StB

Head of Departments

  • FH-Prof. DI Dr. Stefan Grünwald – Studienrichtung Informationstechnologien & Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • FH-Prof. Dr. Ursula Haas-Kotzegger – Studienrichtung Marketing & Sales
  • FH-Prof. DI Dr. Hans Lercher – Studienrichtung Innovationsmanagement
  • FH-Prof. Mag. Peter Meiregger, StB – Studienrichtung Rechnungswesen & Controlling
  • FH-Prof. DI Dr. Udo Traussnigg – Studienrichtung Automatisierungstechnik


  • Berndt Jesenko, BSc MSc

Representatives of the full-time teaching and research staff:

  • FH-Prof. Ing. DI Dr. Patrick Beer, BSc
  • FH-Prof. DI Dr. Börge Kummert
  • FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Helmut Michl

Representatives of part-time teaching and research staff:

  • FH-Hon.Prof. Ing. DI (FH) Wolfgang Koren
  • DI Michael Mörtl
  • FH-Hon.Prof. Mag. Mag. Mathias Schwar

Representatives of the students:

  • Mag. Susanne Lorber
  • Johanna Maier (Vorsitzende)
  • Robin Semlitsch, BA
  • Markus Stoff

The tasks of the College include in particular*:

  • Election of the management and the deputy on the basis of a three-person proposal by the holder. With the consent of the college, this proposal can be reduced to two persons. The persons proposed must work full-time. If the incumbent college management and/or their deputy announce their interest in exercising the function for a further term of office, an appointment can be made without an election if the college agrees by a two-thirds majority and the course-providing body agrees. Repeated reappointments are permitted. The head of the college must use the title "Academic Head" or the title "Chairperson.
  • Request to the maintainer to dismiss the management or the deputy or to comment on the maintainer's intention to do so in the event that these bodies have grossly violated or neglected their duties or are no longer able to fulfil their duties;
  • Changes to accredited degree programmes in agreement with the course-providing body;
  • Establishment and discontinuation of degree programmes and university courses in agreement with the course-providing body;
  • Submitting budget applications (investment, material and personnel expenses) to the maintainer;
  • Strategic further development of teaching, applied research and internationalisation to ensure competence- and future-oriented studies at university level in agreement with the course-providing body;
  • Coordination of the content of the entire teaching programme;
  • Ensuring the quality of teaching and research and evaluating the entire teaching programme, including examination regulations and curricula;
  • Awarding of academic honours customary in the university system in agreement with the awarding body;
  • Issuing rules of procedure and statutes in agreement with the course-providing body. In any case, the statutes shall include the study and examination regulations, the election regulations for the college, the establishment of any working committees and their statutes, provisions on attendance quotas of the college, equal opportunities plan, provisions on the establishment and discontinuation of study programmes and university courses as well as guidelines for the appropriate use of university designations and on the awarding of academic honours. The statutes shall be published in an appropriate form;
  • Deciding on complaints against decisions made by the head of the degree programme.

*§ 10 Fachhochschulgesetz, BGBl. Nr. 340/1993 idgF


The tasks of the UAS Rector as head of the UAS Board include in particular*:

*§ 10 Fachhochschulgesetz, BGBl. Nr. 340/1993 idgF