Research & Development at CAMPUS 02 UAS

To stay competitive, companies need innovative ideas, new and improved products or services, and the right market access. As a business-oriented university of applied sciences, CAMPUS 02 UAS provides extensive services for the business sector in these areas. The active support of Styrian companies is the mission – from the idea to value creation.


Innovation & Technology Transfer

The starting point for new or improved products and services are good, viable ideas. CAMPUS 02 UAS possesses the methodological knowledge for systematically generating such ideas and supports all subject areas – from the idea to implementation. This expertise creates a structured approach to new product concepts and product improvements, as well as to innovative service offerings in the service sector – for enhancing competitive advantage.
Numerous new technologies are developing rapidly and offer new possibilities in production and services. For SMEs, it is challenging to identify suitable technologies alongside their daily business. The experts at CAMPUS 02 UAS work in their fields at the cutting edge of technology. With this knowledge, they can recommend and prototype the most economically viable new technology for each specific problem. At the same time, new insights from research projects are developed in an implementation-oriented manner and made immediately available to the Styrian economy.


Mission Statement

CAMPUS 02 UAS also aligns its research and development efforts with the needs of the economy. Research & Development at CAMPUS 02 UAS means problem-oriented solution competence, structured analytical approaches, and innovative methods at a scientific level.

Methodical research results form the basis for innovative solutions and benefit the economy directly through projects with companies and indirectly through integration into teaching. CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences is involved in extensive research programmes through its network with universities and research institutions.

The mission statement therefore has the following objectives:

  • Solving problems for SME
  • Scientific support for projects with and for innovative companies
  • Participation in cooperative research programmes


As a university of applied sciences, CAMPUS 02 is committed to innovation and applied research & development. This is geared towards target groups, orientated towards the benefits of these groups, based on proven methods and oriented towards cooperation and transfer. The focal points are:

  • Strengthening applied research with a focus on economic implementation in businesses in Styria
  • Addressing topics with high relevance and practical applicability
  • Know-how and technology transfer, particularly for the benefit of innovative companies
  • Intensification of national and international research contacts

In R&D at CAMPUS 02, methodological developments are pursued, internationally significant topics are further developed in consortia and, above all, beneficial problem solutions are realised in application-oriented projects with business partners. The focus here is on innovative approaches to increasing competitiveness.

Research & Development

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