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Master's programme Entrepreneurship & Sales Management

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In today's dynamic business world, the link between entrepreneurship and sales is crucial. This unique link forms the core of this Master's programme. A company is only successful if it can sell its products and services profitably. Sales is only excellent in the long term if it recognises and skilfully exploits entrepreneurial opportunities on the market. Therefore, entrepreneurial success always requires both: entrepreneurship and sales!!
Our study programme helps you to take your entrepreneurial skills, your leadership skills and your sales talent to the next level.

Take off professionally

Career opportunities with Entrepreneurship & Sales Management

The industry continues to have a high demand for sales experts, with requirements increasing particularly in the areas of networking and entrepreneurial thinking. This special way of thinking - identifying opportunities and exploiting them on the market side - is a core element of the degree programme. Successful sales managers are also entrepreneurs, whether they are self-employed, employees with an entrepreneurial mindset or managing directors and owners of a company. Companies are only successful if they are able to sell their products and services, because: "Nothing happens until a sale is made" - Thomas Watson. A successful entrepreneur is essentially an excellent salesperson.

Possible career prospects include positions such as head of sales, key account manager, entrepreneur/founder, product manager, start-up investor, e-commerce manager, sales analyst, business development manager, management consultant, channel manager, e-commerce manager. With our Master's degree programme, you will be ideally equipped to succeed in these varied fields.

What awaits you during the degree programme

Content focus & core areas

Sales experts always act as entrepreneurs and are instrumental in recognising and successfully exploiting market opportunities. This unique, market-driven perspective in an entrepreneurial context enables you to become a driving force for innovation and growth in your company. In just
Our Master's programme enables you to four semesters , our Master's programme enables you to develop your skills in core business and sales-related areas. As a "University of Applied Sciences of Business", we have experienced lecturers from business and academia. During your studies, you will receive continuous feedback and valuable suggestions to strengthen your skills as an entrepreneur or salesperson - be it for your business idea, your own (newly) founded company, your family business or your role in a large corporation.
Our practice-orientated curriculum combines the three pillars of the programme: entrepreneurship, sales management and leadership. In detail, it deals with networking and financing, business plans, strategies, customer-centred company orientation, automation of core sales processes, negotiation skills and a secure roadmap in the digital world.

Professional activity

The part-time degree programme is organised in such a way that full-time employment is possible. The majority of courses take place on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, although individual evening courses can be added during the week. Students without a job can also complete the programme and use the resulting network to find a job.




Ideal for professionals who want to develop their skills and for students without professional experience who are only entering the world of work during their Master's programme.

Study operation

Part-time: 17 weeks/semester
Generally Friday, 14:30 to 21:30
Saturday, 8:00 to 16:00
Individual evening appointments possible during the week.

An intensive week takes place from 16 to 21 September at the beginning of the 1st semester.

Starting Your Studies:: 13. September 2024


Master of Arts in Business, MA

Approved study places


Costs: 363,36
Euro/semester plus ÖH contribution (currently: € 24,70) for EU/EEA citizens

More detailed information for non-EU nationals and possible study grants can be found at www.campus02.at/studiengebuehren/


Main Focus

The Master's programme trains business personalities and managers in sales management . Equipped with all modern tools, students are trained to deal confidently with the conflicting priorities of "customer wishes - company goals - own interests".



  • 01Online Application
  • 02Submission of further application documents
  • 03Admission interview with the Commission

Application deadline: Click here for the deadlines.


The admission requirement for the Master's degree programme in Entrepreneurship & Sales Management is a completed Bachelor's degree programme in a relevant subject or an equivalent degree programme at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution.

The two-tier system of academic education also gives graduates of other degree programmes and other universities in Austria and abroad the opportunity to enter the Master's degree programme at CAMPUS 02.

At least 30 ECTS from economic subject areas must be proven.

Here you will find further information on admission.


Semester overview

Course schedule

1st semester
2nd semester
3rd semester
4th semester
4 ECTS Credits
Analytics & Sales
4 ECTS Credits
Customer Journey
2 ECTS Credits
Customer management
4 ECTS Credits
Leading & Networking
3 ECTS Credits
General framework
2 ECTS Credits
Strategic action
5 ECTS Credits
Strategic management
6 ECTS Credits
Sales management
6 ECTS Credits
Customer Specifications
6 ECTS Credits
Digital Sales
4 ECTS Credits
Digital Work
5 ECTS Credits
Leadership tools
4 ECTS Credits
Customer management
2 ECTS Credits
General framework
3 ECTS Credits
Strategic action
6 ECTS Credits
Digital Sales in Practice
12 ECTS Credits
Master thesis
7 ECTS Credits
Strategic customer management
5 ECTS Credits
Scientific work
3 ECTS Credits
Coaching of employees
3 ECTS Credits
Master's examination by commission
11 ECTS Credits
Master thesis
7 ECTS Credits
Sales management trends
6 ECTS Credits
Future management
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
120 ECTS Credits
Compass to success

Your path to a degree programme

Online application

Your path to studying begins with a registration in our campus-management-system and the subsequent online application. If you have already studied at our UAS, registration is no longer necessary and you can apply directly in C02online .

Application documents

In addition to the online application, we ask you to complete the required application documents online as soon as possible. After reviewing the submitted documents, you will be contacted by us regarding the next steps. 

Admission interview

The admissions interview with the committee is the last step on your path to studying and gives you the chance to impress in person or virtually.

Master' Programme Entrepreneurship & Sales Management

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