FOKUS research project

Contact: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Michael Terler, FH CAMPUS 02

The probability of success of new products and services on the market depends very much on the alignment of developments with customer needs. The earlier and more structured these needs are identified in the innovation process and incorporated into development, the lower the flop rate on the market. In the FOKUS research project, a set of methods and tools suitable for SMEs was developed and tested on the basis of two specific use cases from business practice. Methods and procedures for integrating the customer into the innovation process were identified and filtered according to criteria such as benefit, resource and effort optimization as well as risk optimization, a special SME method set was compiled by adapting, combining, improving and further developing existing procedures and evaluating the new methods under practical conditions using two operational problems. The result of the FOKUS project was an innovation guide that communicates the toolset to the SME target group in a practical way and thus ensures implementation and rapid application in the operational environment.

You will find the free download of the guide below. Browse through the guide online by clicking on the image or follow the Link