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E-Service Pricing und Servicepreis-Controlling

Contact: Mag. Thomas Winkler, PhD, MSc, FH CAMPUS 02

There is a great need for tools that can support companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in their service pricing activities. A framework for service pricing and controlling is to be developed for these e-services, the tools of which are also useful for SMEs. To this end, existing concepts and tools from the disciplines represented in the project team will be analyzed and requirements and partial solutions for new tools will be derived. These are then combined into an overall framework in a theory-driven development process and the new tools are developed as prototypes. IT-supported demonstrators or prototypes are developed for the tools and tested and evaluated in a pilot implementation in order to make them usable.

The central aim of this project is to develop a model for e-service pricing and service price controlling and associated tools that are tailored to the specific characteristics and requirements of SMEs. This will enable SMEs to place services and innovations effectively and efficiently on the market, thereby improving their competitiveness and having a positive effect on their performance and economic development.


FH-internal project, management: Department of Information Technologies and Business Informatics