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Conceptualisation of a sustainability balanced scorecard for Raiffeisenbank Leoben-Bruck by the Financial Accounting department.

The co-operation partner Raiffeisenbank Leoben-Bruck eGen has regional roots in the districts of Leoben and Bruck-Mürzzuschlag and is one of the 47 independent regional Raiffeisen banks of the Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria. Raiffeisenbank Leoben-Bruck stands for uniqueness in the region, is a reliable driving force and works according to the motto "For generations for generations".

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), Raiffeisenbank Leoben-Bruck (RBLB) endeavours to operate sustainably in the areas of environment, social and governance (ESG). The aim of this project is to develop inputs on sustainability aspects for RBLB's Strategy 2030. Specifically, a "Sustainability Balanced Scorecard" (SBSC) is being created in order to operationalise the strategic ESG goals and make them measurable. The project includes researching the legal basis for CSR reporting, formulating ESG objectives and measures, defining perspectives for the SBSC and determining key figures and target values. The benefit is to create a standardised understanding of the legal basis, to formulate concrete goals and actions and finally to deliver an SBSC for managing the strategic ESG goals of RBLB.

Raiffeisen Scorecard Grafik

Selected core results

  • In the survey, 94.4% of RBLB employees responded that sustainability is already a present topic in their department.
  • 54 key figures were researched and presented for the SBSC.
  • The RBLB selected 32 key figures in the area of ESG for the SBSC.

The project was supervised by Maria Lipp from the Financial Accounting department. The project team, consisting of Barbara Eckhart, BA; Kevin Lemsitzer, BA; Vijoleta Tahiri; Elisabeth Hausbacher and Irina Kraus, was commissioned with this project as part of a course.

Raifffeisen Scorecard Projekt in einem Rahmen präsentiert