Target concept for the "order to cash", "purchase to pay" and "master data synchronization" processes

PeriodMarch - July 2021
Contact: René Peter Thaller, BA MA, FH CAMPUS 02
Cooperation Partner: Logistic Networking & Consulting GmbH (LNC)

The "Order to Cash" (from order receipt to payment, including dunning) and "Purchase to Pay" (from order to payment) processes must be optimized in order to increase effectiveness (increase accuracy, reduce susceptibility to errors) and increase efficiency. The "synchronization of master data" process is also subject to optimization. Largely automated interfaces between the software tools should be provided.

Using the 4-step methodology of ÖNORM A 9009:2013 "Processes in management systems - Guidance", the actual processes are surveyed, potential for improvement is identified and target processes are designed.

An die Projektauftraggeber*in werden die in Microsoft Visio gestalteten Soll-Prozesse sowie ein Maßnahmenplan zur Implementierung übergeben.


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