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Master's degree programme
Digital Marketing Management

A completely new era is dawning for marketing experts. Technological developments such as artificial intelligence are creating innovative platforms that enable companies to shape the customer journey in a completely new way. This digital revolution also opens up exciting new opportunities for you to advance your career in digital marketing. Our Master's programme will help you combine your skills in the key areas of technology, management and marketing to develop effective solutions and respond quickly to market trends.

Take off professionally

Career opportunities with Digital Marketing Management

The part-time Master's programme deepens your understanding of digital transformation and data management and emphasises the central role of marketing in this change. At the same time, you will be prepared for managerial positions through comprehensive training in social and methodological skills. Potential professional positions therefore include Head of Marketing, Performance Marketing Manager, Campaign Manager, Customer Insight Analyst, Customer Experience Manager, Social Media Manager and Marketing Project Manager. With our Master's degree programme, you will be ideally equipped to succeed in these varied fields.

What awaits you during the degree programme

Content focus

This degree programme provides you with the skills you need to actively shape the future as an expert in digital marketing. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation, customer behaviour and data management. This will enable you to derive strategies for change processes and set important impulses for the future of every company. Your degree programme will focus on key areas such as marketing analytics, the advanced application of artificial intelligence, defining target groups and addressing them effectively through SEO and SEA, generating leads through targeted social media campaigns, increasing conversion rates und die Kundenbindung durch effizientes Marketing. Als „Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft“ bieten wir erfahrene Lektor*innen aus der Wirtschaft, die Sie gezielt mit realen Challenges auf Ihren beruflichen Erfolg vorbereiten werden.

Professional activity

The part-time degree programme is organised in such a way that full-time employment is also possible. Most of the courses take place on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, although individual evening classes can be added during the week. Students without a job can also complete the programme and use the resulting network to find a job.




Ideal for professionals who want to develop their skills and for students without professional experience who are only entering the world of work during their Master's programme.

Study operation

Part-time:17 weeks/semester Generally Friday, 14:30 to 21:30 Saturday, 8:00 to 16:00 Individual evening appointments possible during the week.

An intensive week takes place from 16 to 21 September at the beginning of the 1st semester.

Starting Your Studies:: 13. September 2024


Master of Arts in Business, MA

Approved study places


Costs: 363,36
Plus a mandatory Austrian Students’ Union contribution (currently 24,70 €) for EU and EEA nationals

More detailed information for non-EU nationals and possible study grants can be found at www.campus02.at/studiengebuehren/


Main Focus

As a manager in digital marketing, you will work on the conceptualisation, planning, implementation and control of all marketing tasks using digital technologies and thus manage a cross-sectional function between marketing and IT. This Master's programme aims to combine the two worlds of marketing and IT.



  • 01Online Application
  • 02Submission of further application documents
  • 03Admission interview with the Commission

Application deadline: Click here for the deadlines.


The admission requirement for the Master's degree programme in Digital Marketing Management is a completed Bachelor's degree programme in a relevant subject or an equivalent degree programme at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution.

The two-tier system of academic education also gives graduates of other degree programmes and other universities in Austria and abroad the opportunity to enter the Master's degree programme at CAMPUS 02.

At least 30 ECTS from economic subject areas must be proven.

Here you will find  further information on admission.

Semester overview

Course schedule

1st semester
2nd semester
3rd semester
4th semester
6 ECTS Credits
Content Management
4 ECTS Credits
Customer Journey
3 ECTS Credits
Digital Marketing Channels
2 ECTS Credits
Customer management
4 ECTS Credits
Employee management
2 ECTS Credits
Strategic action
5 ECTS Credits
Strategic management
4 ECTS Credits
Search marketing
5 ECTS Credits
Customer Insights
3 ECTS Credits
Digital Marketing Channels
6 ECTS Credits
Digital Sales
4 ECTS Credits
Digital Work
5 ECTS Credits
Leadership tools
4 ECTS Credits
Customer management
3 ECTS Credits
Strategic action
7 ECTS Credits
Digital Business
6 ECTS Credits
Digital Marketing in Practice
12 ECTS Credits
Master thesis
5 ECTS Credits
Scientific work
3 ECTS Credits
Coaching of employees
3 ECTS Credits
Master's examination by commission
11 ECTS Credits
Master thesis
7 ECTS Credits
Trends in digital marketing
6 ECTS Credits
Future management
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
30 ECTS Credits
120 ECTS Credits
Compass to success

Your path to a degree programme

Online application

Your path to studying begins with a registration in our campus-management-system and the subsequent online application. If you have already studied at our UAS, registration is no longer necessary and you can apply directly in C02online .

Application documents

In addition to the online application, we ask you to complete the required application documents online as soon as possible. After reviewing the submitted documents, you will be contacted by us regarding the next steps. 

Admission interview

The admissions interview with the committee is the last step on your path to studying and gives you the chance to impress in person or virtually.


Contact for further information