Accessibility In Infrastructure

The buildings and lecture theatres at CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences (CAMPUS Zusertal, CAMPUS Rosenhof, WIFI wing) are accessible without steps and barrier-free.

However, there are specific areas in the old building (Villa) that do not meet this criterion. This is because the old building is listed as a historical monument, and significant alterations such as the construction of an external lift are not permitted. Specifically, this applies to 4 lecture halls (CZ 128, CZ 129, CZ 138, CZ 233) at the university, as well as parts of the offices of the central administration and the offices of the RWC department.

In these cases, however, we will coordinate with you to offer suitable solutions. For example, no lectures will be scheduled in the mentioned lecture halls if you cannot access them, or we will relocate meetings to the accessible areas of the university. Please contact your respective department office or the information point directly regarding this matter.

Further information & services

There are 3 elevators (one in the Zusertal building, one in the Rosenhof West wing and one in the CAMPUS area of the WIFI) to reach all floors and the basement. Braille is available in all lifts.

Acoustic floor announcements are made in the Rosenhof and WIFI buildings, and in the elevator in the Zusertal building there is a braille marker 1.10 m high in the door frame to indicate which floor you are on.

  • CAMPUS Zusertal ground floor (Aula)
  • CAMPUS Zusertal 1st floor
  • CAMPUS Rosenhof ground floor
  • WIFI 3rd floor

Our library team will help you to access the library's services.
Library of CAMPUS 02 UAS


The Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz offers a literature service for the blind.
Literature service for the blind

CAMPUS 02 UAS can be reached by taking the Holding line 39 (Austrian Economic Chambers stop).

All buses in Graz are low-floor buses. There are different models of streetcars, but care is taken to ensure that every second streetcar is a low-floor streetcar according to the regular timetable.

 Further information

Eine mobile induktive Höranlage befindet sich am Infopoint in der Aula.

Parking spaces that meet the standards of § 29b StVO for use by people with mobility impairments or wheelchair users can be found at the following locations:

Disabled parking next to the main entrance of CAMPUS 02 UAS:

The parking lot has a slope, but is close to the main entrance.
If you need a flat parking lot, please contact Mrs. Rosenberg/Facility Management. This is possible behind the Villa Ferry, but the way to the main entrance is further.

There are 8 disabled parking spaces on the grounds of the Austrian Economic Chambers/WIFI:

4 opposite the WIFI main entrance
3 opposite the entrance to the Austrian Economic Chambers
1 at the entrance to the 900 rooms in the WIFI.

Map of disabled parking spaces

The parking service of the Austrian Economic Chambers is responsible. You can contact them by e-mail at or by telephone on +43 316 601-8920 if you have any questions.

If you discover any infrastructure barriers at FH CAMPUS 02, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will endeavour to resolve the issue or work together with you to find a practical solution.