Programm vor Ort



Accommodation is available in a hotel or with host families. In the hotel, students can choose to stay in single, double or triple rooms (bed and breakfast). Host families offer catering in the form of breakfast and dinner and can accommodate up to two students.

Language course

As part of the Dublin Experience, participants complete an intensive language course lasting at least 12 hours. The course programme is developed individually for each course and is primarily aimed at improving students' business English vocabulary and presentation skills.

The course takes place from Wednesday to Friday in the mornings and/or afternoons, with the afternoon programme including guided excursions (e.g. Trinity College, Guinness, Jameson).

At the end of the course, participants take a written exam and give an oral presentation. The language school certificate can be partially recognised in some fields of study in combination with a substitute course.

Leisure activities

In addition to the language course, other leisure activities are offered on a voluntary basis, such as Georgian Walking Tour, Literary Pub Crawl or day trips to the coast or inland (Cliffs of Moher, etc.).