Teilnahme an ausgewählten Lehrveranstaltungen

Are you an alumna or alumnus and would like to participate in a course that was not available during your studies, or do you wish to specifically expand or deepen your skills in a different field?

Would you perhaps like to pursue a degree in this discipline in the future and take a course that could be credited towards your studies at our university of applied sciences if you successfully pass the admission procedure?

Or would you like to specifically acquire theoretical foundational knowledge for projects from your everyday work?

Then you have the opportunity to participate in classes of a degree programme as an external student* for a fee**. The number of LLL participants per class is determined by the programme director to ensure the quality of teaching.

Your attendance at each class you have attended will be documented in a 'Certificate' (Course Title, Course Content, Number of Teaching Units, ECTS Credits ***) provided you meet the attendance requirements.

*You can also take an exam if you meet the entry requirements for the respective educational programme.

**EUR 150.00 for economic bachelor’s programmes or EUR 166.67 for all other programmes per ECTS credit, plus ÖH contribution.

***ECTS credits are awarded upon successful completion of an exam.

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