Teaching and studying at UAS CAMPUS 02

Imparting course content, passing on knowledge and helping to expand our students’ intellectual and personal horizons is truly an interesting and exciting job description.

Anyone who has worked as a long-term (full-time or part-time) lecturer knows how very satisfying and fulfilling teaching is.

UAS CAMPUS 02 (just like all other universities of applied sciences) has the duty of offering training to students that provides scientific education, whilst maintaining a high level of practice relevance.

It follows that teachers in the academic area of education should be able to display strong professional skills, a proven link to science and, most importantly, be excellent didacts.

In this vein, academic didactics offers an all-encompassing further training programme which guarantees to provide the theoretical and practical qualifications needed for a teaching post in the academic field.

It follows that academic didactics is an important component of quality assurance in the tertiary training sector.

Teaching personnel (professors and lecturers) should perform their teaching activities in an efficient, successful and, in a nutshell, professional manner.

Thanks to its well-varied and four-module course portfolio, the university didactics study programme “academic didactics” makes it possible to acquire all knowledge and skills that form the basis of a successful teaching career. 

Professional university didactics as an essential part of teaching and learning must, and will, affect the students’ learning success.


Dr. Annette Zimmer, MBA, MPM

Management Board

Dr. Enrique Grabl

Head of Department of Academic Didactics and Human Resources

Mag. Dr. Erich Brugger

Management Board