At UAS CAMPUS 02 – University of Applied Sciences for industry, two student evaluation procedures are conducted, both with a different focus:

Student evaluation of teaching sessions
Student evaluation of organisation

The purpose of this student evaluation is to offer students the opportunity to reflect upon Degree Programme conditions and organisation and to incorporate feedback into the continual improvement of teaching and organisation.

The evaluation of approximately 300 teaching sessions per semester and of the Degree Programme organisation is an extremely important remit of the Department of Academic Didactics and Human Resources. Evaluation at UAS CAMPUS 02 is a decisive part of Quality Management and is therefore also appropriately intensively managed. Rating sheets with different evaluation criteria for teaching and organisation are presented to the students for completion in each teaching session and at the end of each semester (organisation) and are subsequently statistically analyzed.  Results are made available to the respective Head of Degree Programme on the one hand and, on the other hand, also communicated to the respective lecturers. In the event of an overall score of more than 1.8, potential ways to improve are discussed with the staff member concerned. The result of such a discussion may also be the recommendation of didactic further education within the framework of the university’s “academic didactics” study programme.

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