CAMPUS 02 publication series

The self-concept of a university of applied sciences should not solely be limited to practice-oriented teaching, but must also include a large measure of research and development. R&D is an important component of work in the tertiary educational field. At the very latest during the Degree Programme, i.e. the Bachelor Degree Programme, students are urged to work on academic themes using a serious, deep and practice-relevant approach. The idea of setting up our own publication series was to provide a publication platform for the results of research carried out by UAS CAMPUS 02’s teaching staff. Excerpts from students’ theses displaying an impressive academic relevance could also be published in the series. UAS CAMPUS 02’s publication series will appear twice a year, thus making publication-worthy works accessible to an academically interested audience.

Edition 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the UAS CAMPUS 02 publication series are already available from Leykam Verlag publishers. They can also be accessed in the UAS CAMPUS 02 library.

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