Master Degree Programme in Sales Management

Dieter Fritz


“To my mind, successful sales management means being able to recognise, communicate and ultimately implement what customers view as the additional value of the products and/or services on offer, thereby being capable of building up the company’s own USPs.”


Dieter Fritz
CEO of VAE Eisenbahnsysteme and Captain of the Master Degree Programmes in International Marketing & Sales Management for students who started the courses in 2009 






The Master Degree Programme in Sales Management trains future management staff to be able to successfully balance conflicting priorities such as implementing customer demands within the company whilst representing their firm’s interests when dealing with clients.


This Master Degree Programme trains future leaders in sales management. Equipped with all the modern tools of sales management and sales organisation, students learn how to cope when balancing areas of conflict such as customer demands, company goals and their own interests. Our graduates are taught how to rise to this challenge on a national and international level within all sectors (retail/service/manufacturing), regardless of company size and sector.


The function of sales is key in any company. Direct contact with clients puts a great deal of responsibility on employees and management staff. As “sellers of customer interests” within the company, they interact with many other departments. Therefore, knowledge of entrepreneurial relationships is indispensable, as is the ability to act within such a framework. These leadership tasks require not only farsightedness and planning, but also successful management of the balancing act between company interests on the one hand and market requirements on the other, and include:

  • Strategy development and strategy formulation for sales and distribution
  • Development of marketing concepts for new markets, products and brands
  • Development of the customer service portfolio
  • Creation of pricing and conditions policies
  • Key account management
  • Set-up and coordination of enterprise reporting system
  • Set-up and coordination of planning and budgeting
  • Set-up of complaint management system
  • Management and guidance of sales force
    Organisation of the distribution department


Master Degree Programme in Sales Management at a glance



 Friday: 14.30 - 21.30
Saturday: 08.00 - 16.00
sometimes evenings during the week
1 intensive week at the beginning of the Study Programme

 Duration of semester:

 18 weeks

 Winter semester:

 Mid-september - mid-February

 Summer semester:

 End ofFebruary - mid-July

 Approved number of  study places



German wit some lessons in English

 Duration of degree

  4 semesters


 120 Credits

 Qualification gained:

 Master of Arts in Business (MA)

 Tuition fee:

Tuition Fees EUR 363.36 per semester, plus mandatory contribution to the ÖH-Austrian Students Union (EUR 18,00 at the moment) for EU- and EEA citizens.
Third country citizens - please visit our website: Study in Austria

 Head of degree

Mag. Dr. Karin Madenberger

 Contact details:

Mag. Bettina Stangl
Telefon: +43 316 6002-625



Click here to download the Master Degree Programme in Sales Management information pack (German)