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Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes in Innovation Management

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8021 Graz
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Services for companies

As a partner of the industry we work closely with companies from all types of business sectors and put our expertise at their disposal. Our focus can be described as the “systematic searching for, structuring and driving of innovations”.


Our core skills (research focus) are in the following domains:

  • Systematic innovation: TRIZ methods and tools, trends, business innovations, business development
  • Innovation marketing: Systematic understanding of customer needs, customer integration within the innovation process, market-oriented steering of innovation processes
  • Intellectual business: Integration of intellectual property within the operational management of SMEs

Various ways of working with us are available to you depending on your individual business objectives:

  • Projects within the framework of teaching
  • Bachelor theses
  • Master theses
  • Individual partnerships / solutions

Within the framework of the abovementioned alternatives, your subject-relevant assignments will be worked on by a project team over a period of approximately 2-10 months. Naturally, the greatest degree of confidentiality is guaranteed when dealing with sensitive data - via individual contractual agreements, when necessary.

Contact details

If you are interested, wish to receive more information or would like to collaborate with us, please contact:

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Börge Kummert

Tel: 0316 6002-393