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Projects for companies

With our Research and Development Department we have found a way to bring together two of our ideas:

The first idea: We would like to convince all companies of how well we and our students work and how valuable innovation management really is for every company. The best way of doing that is for us to involve companies in our work and show them what we can do.

The second idea: We would like to be able, and for our students to be able, to prove our skills in practice. The best way of doing that is by working on projects with concrete problems from the industry which need to be solved.

1+1 equals our new R&D Department whose staff are always on the look out for companies with innovation-oriented assignments to entrust to our project teams. A project group is composed of four to six students and an experienced coach who mentors them throughout the duration of the project.

Before you give any more thought to what innovation problem our students could solve for you, read the phrase by Edwin Land:

Spruch FuE If you can defineBut what are the actual ins and outs of teamwork?

Step 1: Warm-up

We will define your problem with you and firm-up your assignment, preparing it to be worked on by the students.

Step 2: Starting signal

All necessary information is given to the project team that will go on to prepare a project description including aims, key data and milestones. Each project team will be allocated its own coach who will keep an eye on the team’s progress and intervene to help them if they encounter any problems. So that the project runs smoothly, we will need the name of a responsible contact person in your company who is au fait with problem solving and who can be contacted by us or by the students for any follow-up questions. Let the project begin!

Step 3: Project development

In keeping with the project description, the problem-solving assignment will be worked on by the students. You will receive regular updates about the current intermediate results.

Step 4: Finishing line

At the end of the project you will be invited to a presentation by the students during which their findings will be presented and discussed. To conclude, you will receive the completed project report with all detailed information.

If you are unsure as to which problem-solving theme you could give our students to work on, we have compiled a list below of possible topics as food for thought:

  • Development of concrete ideas for new products or services
  • Development of creative problem-solving concepts through the implementation of new innovation methods
  • Verification of the marketability of ideas
  • Innovation check-up: verification of your company’s innovation capacity and innovation strength
  • Development of business models and innovation strategies

If you have questions, if we have aroused your interest or if you simply would like to become part of our network, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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