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Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes in Innovation Management

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Turning ideas into success

The branch of study innovation management at the University of Applied Sciences CAMPUS 02 in Graz, founded in 2005, is Austria’s first branch of study to deal at 100% with the topic of innovation management. About 180 students currently work through the Bachelor and the Master degree programme in innovation management. In fact, most of them study extra-occupational. Innovation is an important economic factor of success, not just in technology-oriented sectors, such as mobility, energy or telecommunication, but also in trade, industry and service, as well as in tourism. That is why it is important for companies to have employees who have this essential qualification. At present about 150 companies from Styria and from all over Austria take advantage of the opportunity of extra-occupational studies, allowing their employees to train themselves as innovation managers parallel to their job in order to edge on their competitors. The Bachelor degree programme in innovation management with the focus on “Systematic Innovation” (6 semesters) can either be absolved extra-occupational, i.e. next to a full time job, or it can be taken up directly after the A-levels. An occupation is, however, no requirement for the admission. Several courses take place on Fridays in the afternoon (13.45 - 21.30) and on Saturdays (8.00 - 16.00).

No other topic is on the lips of so many people and, conversely, mastered by so few as innovation. Indeed, during the current crisis period, the Styrian economy has come to recognise that innovation is the factor for future survival and that it is extraordinarily important to be innovative, to remain competitive and to be able to keep up with never-ending developments. Unfortunately, however, there are very few employees who possess that know-how.

It is precisely that demand which we take into account and reflect in the degree programmes which we offer:

    with a focus on "Systematic Innovation"

    with a focus on "Innovation Leadership"

Both degree programmes can be taken as part-time courses by working professionals with full-time jobs. Students are also able to embark on the Bachelor degree programme immediately after successful completion of their high school matriculation examination. Being in employment is not a prerequisite for admission onto the degree programme.