Key data

Bachelor's degree programme Wirtschaftsinformatik

Duration: 6 semester
Available college places: 38 places
Form of organisation: extra-occupational
Certificate: Bachelor of Science, BSc

Master's degree programme IT & Wirtschaftsinformatik

Duration: 3 semester
Available college places: 38 places
Form of organisation:extra-occupational
Certificate: Diplomingenieur, Dipl.-Ing.


Start of the degree programme:
The programme starts every winter semester in september

Study Process:
In the beginning of every semester an intensive week from Monday to Friday 13:45 to 21:30 and some weekends per semester (Fri 13:45 - 21:30, Sat 8:00 - 16:00)

Tuition fee of EUR 363,36 per semester plus the legal ÖH-contribution (currently EUR 18,00) for citizens of the EU/EWR - for citizens of third countries -->menu point Internationals

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Innovative company development requires a global understanding of the effective utilisation of information technologies, as well as the use of technology in harmony with the company strategy and mission-critical business processes.

The reason for greater competitiveness can therefore be affiliated to an optimisation of the interface between strategic management, organisation and process management. The optimisation in these areas is inevitably supported by information and communication technologies. As a result, the content of the Bachelor‘s Degree Programme in Business Informatics at CAMPUS 02 draws particular emphasis on thematic areas that will be increasingly addressed and sought after by companies in the coming years:

  • Modelling and management of IT-based processes, i.e. systematic shaping, analyses and implementation of internal company and, more specifically, multi-company processes in cooperation with external partners
  •   Digital business models: definition and implementation of business ideas with the help of ICT 
  •   Development of business management IT systems on modern development platforms, i.e. .Net and J2EE, complemented by internet technologies such as web services


The strategic aspect and the development of successful and sustainable future strategies for companies, notably for IT departments (IT processes), are accorded particular importance in the curriculum of the consecutive Master‘s Degree Programme at CAMPUS 02. Here, the teaching focus is laid on the role of IT regarding business models and company strategies. As a result, students are able to acquire a complete understanding of IT.


This also corresponds to the profile of a future chief information manager (CIO), an executive who must no longer position herself / himself as a purely technical-focused IT manager, but rather in the role of a business-oriented architect of changes in the field of business informatics.




Reasons for a degree programme at CAMPUS 02

  • Predefined programme duration
  • Practice relevance
  • Personal mentoring
  • Practice-oriented experience (part-time and full-time courses)
  • Innovative degree programme model
  • Up-to-date technical training and equipment at the highest academic level
  • Best career possibilities and job prospects
  • Financial independence due to the “split week“ model
  • Target-focused learning (electives)uhr 1