Key data

Bachelor's degree programme Wirtschaftsinformatik

Duration: 6 semester
Available college places: 38 places
Form of organisation: extra-occupational
Certificate: Bachelor of Science, BSc

Master's degree programme IT & Wirtschaftsinformatik

Duration: 3 semester
Available college places: 38 places
Form of organisation:extra-occupational
Certificate: Diplomingenieur, Dipl.-Ing.


Start of the degree programme:
The programme starts every winter semester in september

Study Process:
In the beginning of every semester an intensive week from Monday to Friday 13:45 to 21:30 and some weekends per semester (Fri 13:45 - 21:30, Sat 8:00 - 16:00)

Tuition fee of EUR 363,36 per semester plus the legal ÖH-contribution (currently EUR 18,00) for citizens of the EU/EWR - for citizens of third countries -->menu point Internationals



“IT professionals of the future will work at the highest level and will need an overall knowledge base that stretches far beyond a technological approach. Academic IT training, such as that offered by the Information Technologies & Business Informatics Department, concentrates on preparing students for these tasks.”

DI Gerhard Greiner
Director, BearingPoint Infonova 





The conveying of scientific-based, practice-oriented training and further training in the area of IT technologies and business informatics is our main remit.  

In close cooperation with the industry, our full-time and part-time lecturers and our students, we continuously work on optimising and further developing our portfolio.