University Degree Programme in Automation Technology

Automation technology is at the interface between electronic engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering and industry. The challenge in the automation of technical processes lies in achieving an optimal result combining the mostly mutually exclusive aspects of time, cost, quality, resources and environment. It is essential to consider the system as a whole, rather than optimising individual components independently from one another. As such, modular solutions are of ever-increasing importance

Udo Traussnigg

 "Making processes easier and structuring machines more efficiently - this first and at the same time accurate definition of automation comes from Leonardo da Vinci"

FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Udo Traussnigg
Head of Degree Programme


Roland FINK (Automation Technology, Academic Year 2007)

As well as gaining a higher technical qualification, I hope to improve in areas such as communication skills and the ability to work in a team during the Degree Programme and, as a direct result, to access a more interesting and better-paid job with a larger area of expertise.

Thomas FORJAN (Automation Technology, Academic Year 2007)

The link between theory and practice is of an even greater importance, since it is only by combining the two that the best possible result at work, and understanding during the Degree Programme, can be achieved.