Quality Management

Our high quality standards


With our academic teaching portfolio in the form of degree courses and further training programmes, together with our applied R&D activities, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences contributes to the development both of people interested in education and of companies. At CAMPUS 02, quality in teaching means offering a wide range of training and further education courses to equip graduates with the very best qualifications possible for the job market. We have defined our process and results indicators in a detailed model as a guideline for our decisions and have derived concrete procedural descriptions from it. As such, the creation of quality is workable. All personnel are responsible for the quality delivered. We measure our quality using specific key figures consistent with the needs of our stakeholders. 


The cornerstones of quality assurance and development


Safeguarding and developing quality is, moreover, based on national legislation and regulations (Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences Degree Programme Act, University Quality Assurance Act, Universities of Applied Sciences Accreditation Regulation) as well as on international guidelines (European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area).

We embrace our university responsibility against this backdrop and ensure, for example, the quality of our degree programmes through regular reviews with the involvement of students, graduates and the industry.


Ongoing quality assurance and development


The delivery of quality in our core activities is the ultimate goal at CAMPUS 02. This covers teaching and applied R&D alike. Therefore, the quality of our actual performance delivery processes - as well as that of our management and support procedures - is continually assured and developed further using an efficient and effective quality management system.


In the spirit of ongoing improvement, we react to recognised potential by introducing appropriate measures and/or implementing enhancement projects.

Our quality management system gives our staff, project partners and students an overview of how we work to live up to our quality standards.