Quality Management

CAMPUS 02 is certified in accordance with the Austrian standard EN ISO 9001:2008. Furthermore, the assurance and development of quality is based on national laws and decrees (Universities of Applied Sciences Law, EvalVO [university evaluation decree]) and international guidelines (“European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education sector”).

With our portfolio of academic training in degree programmes and our further development courses, as well as advanced research and development, CAMPUS 02 actively contributes to the development of parties interested in training and companies alike. So that our activities are run in a high-quality and responsible manner, our organisation requires a clear strategy for the future and defined processes for quality-relevant procedures.

All employees are responsible for the quality produced. We measure our quality using concrete key data derived from the needs of our target groups. 

Process descriptions present mission-critical activities and describe the steps to be taken to carry them out, the input or output to be expected at each individual stage and who is responsible for the realisation and implementation. These process descriptions also provide other details.

With regards to ongoing improvements, we respond to identified potential by introducing appropriate measures and enhancement projects.

As such, our quality management system gives our employees, our project partners and our students an overview of how we work to meet the requirements of our quality standards.


The system is made up of the following components:

  • Function description
  • Internal objectives
  • Personnel meetings
  • Process descriptions, operating instructions and handbooks
  • Student evaluation of teaching sessions and organisation
  • Graduate questionnaires and employer surveys
  • Academic didactics course
  • Continuous improvement of (study) organisation, oriented towards our quality requirements