About CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences: Facts & Figures


1995 Formation of WIFI Steiermark GmbH for the development, maintenance and management of university of applied sciences degree programmes. 1996 Launch of the two first part-time Degree Programmes in Marketing and Automation Technology for working professionals. 2001 Introduction of the “CAMPUS 02 – University of Applied Sciences Degree Programmes for industry” brand. The status of “University of Applied Sciences” was accorded further to the decision of the Austrian Council of Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulrat) on 11.7.2006. Click here to view the chronology section. 


Management Board

Mag. Dr. Erich Brugger
Dr. Annette Zimmer, MBA, MPM



o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Franz Schrank (Rector)
FH-Prof. MMag. Günter Zullus Stb. (Vice-Rector)


Legal structure

CAMPUS 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft GmbH



More information about our partners and members of the General Assembly



Republic of Austria
Federal State of Styria


Mission statement (Reasons for our success) 


Degree programme portfolio

11 business and technology degree programmes:

·         5 bachelor degree programmes

·         6 master degree programmes

3 academic training courses:

.         Software Engineering

.         Software Engineering Leadership

.         Commercial Management

5 fields of study

·         Automation Technology (part-time course for working professionals)

·         Information Technologies & Business Informatics (part-time course for working professionals)

·         Innovation Management (part-time course for working professionals)

·         International Marketing & Sales Management (part-time course for working professionals / full-time)

·         Accounting & Controlling (part-time course for working professionals / full-time)


Approved study places (2017/2018)

Currently: 1191

Business: 645   Technology: 546


Graduates (figures as of 11/2014)


Business degree programmes: Diploma:    822
  Bachelor:    647
  Master:    247
Technical degree programmes: Diploma:    449
  Bachelor:    636
  Master:    323
Technical/Business degree programmes: Master:              124



Employees (figures as of 01/2015)

Full-time employees: 103 employees, of which 81,66 are full-time equivalent employees (administration and teaching inkluding temporary personnel)   

Part-time lecturers: 266 (SS 2014) / 301 (WS 2014/15) approx. per semester


Quality management

All CAMPUS 02 employees are well aware that training at the highest level can only be guaranteed thanks to smooth and efficient team work by everyone involved. As such, our target achievement is regularly checked within the framework of concrete objectives and the key data of our balanced scorecard. From the results achieved, corresponding room for improvement is noted and appropriate measures are implemented in order to continually improve our internal procedures and the quality of the training that we provide. Click here to read more about quality management. 

Research & Development

The R&D focus at CAMPUS 02 reflects the needs of the industry and aims to contribute to enhancing the valorisation, innovation and development of companies. This approach is incorporated into our teaching and external communication and means that both our students and our business location benefit from this knowledge. 


In addition, our students have the opportunity to play an active role in shaping R&D at CAMPUS 02 within the framework of diploma, bachelor, master or project theses and work placements, as well as by taking part in research projects. Click here to read more about R&D.


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Styrian University Conference: Nine universities, one location

The cooperation between the five universities, two universities of applied science and two teacher training universities in Styria enjoy role-model status throughout Austria. In 2011, the educational establishments extended and intensified their unique network. All nine educational establishments are combining forces and working more closely together than ever before in the framework of the Styrian University Conference.


Declared Aim of the Styrian University Conference

  • Initiatives between the institutions are being even better coordinated.
  • A common standpoint is being striven for in central issues.
  • Styria wants to position itself as the most important further education location after Vienna.

Participating Institutions

FH CAMPUS 02 - CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
FH Joanneum - FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences
Karl-Franzens-Universität - University of Graz
Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Graz - Catholic University College for Education
Kunstuniversität Graz - University of Music and Performing Arts Graz
Medizinische Universität Graz - Medical University of Graz
Montanuniversität Leoben - University of Leoben
Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark - University of Teacher Education Styria
TU Graz - Graz University of Technology


Contact details

CAMPUS 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft GmbH
Körblergasse 126

8010 Graz


Email: info@campus02.at

Company No.: 131550g
Under the jurisdiction of the Civil Court of Graz
Data Protection Register No.: 0809497

VAT Reg. No.: ATU 39390306


All information provided regarding degree programme content is subject to change by the Austrian Quality Assurance Agency AQ-Austria.